Hiking in Rheinhessen

Petersberg culture trail

This hike takes you around the Petersberg, with fabulous views of Rheinhessen. The distance between Bechtolsheim and Gau-Odernheim amounts to seven kilometres. The adventure trail starts at the parking lot of the Petersberghalle in Gau-Odernheim, from where you can quickly reach open fields and vineyards following the markings across the Selz River. Soon you reach the first stage destination on the outskirts of Bechtolsheim and turn to Engelborner Brünnchen. After a little detour you will find yourself in the vineyards at the foot of the Petersberg.

The adventure can begin.

There are exciting things to see along the way: of special note are the ruins of St. Peter's Church. Built in the tenth century, the once three-nave basilica was destroyed during the Thirty Years' War. The special crypt architecture, which made the basilica a special cultural attraction, is still worth a visit to this day. The underground crypt of St. Peter's can be accessed by two replicated staircases.

The Peterberg itself offers a wonderful panorama. To the north you can see the ZDF administration building and the high-rise buildings on Mainzer Lerchenberg. In the north eastern direction, you can even spot the skyline of Frankfurt and the Großer Feldberg in the Taunus Mountains, which are about 50 km away. In the southwest lies Donnersberg, about 28 km away.

You can descend via different routes. The Herrgottspfad trail is known to be the most beautiful option. The mountain it leads to has been climbed by pilgrims for thousands of years. A marker points to the meadow path that leads away from the hill. On this hedgerow-lined path you come to a field cross. From there the view extends across Gau-Odernheim. When descending, you can relax at any time; thanks to the many relaxation loungers and wine tables. Finally, after a few exciting hours, you will have returned to the starting point.