The Rheinhessen region

Winegrowing area and cultural history

Rheinhessen is located in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate and has a little over 600,000 inhabitants. The name refers to a cultural landscape from the time of the Romans on the Rhine as well as the historical affiliation to the Grand Duchy of Hesse in the 19th Century.

The economic area of Rheinhessen is home to many companies that produce numerous everyday goods. Rheinhessen also hosts Germany's largest wine-growing area. Excellent natural products and the art of feasting distinguish Rheinhessen as an epicurean region.

Cultural and historical footprints include the cathedrals in Mainz and Worms, Hildegard von Bingen, the Nibelungenlied, an epic poem from around 1200 written in Middle High German, and Gutenberg's printing press. Numerous activities invite you to discover the region on your own. The many events on offer throughout the year convey the joie de vivre of Rheinhessen. The Rheinhessen region is buzzing with life and laughter and looks forward to your visit!