Concept & Philosophy



This is what we stand for

To take care of our guests, to offer them an effective range of services, and to inspire them to lead their lives attentively – this is what we, the "Herz&Rebe" spa team is dedicated to.

Influenced by and rooted in Germany's largest wine-growing region, we rely on the wealth of knowledge of the beneficial effects of wine and its natural active ingredients provided in the form of grape and vine.

We have put together exclusive spa treatments for you that integrate the essence of wine therapy, offer holistic solutions, and support your well-being.
We always consider your individual needs and put your wishes first.




Power & Energy

Feel strengthened, get moving, be full of energy, and find your inner power source.

Strength comes from within. It is important to us to promote the power of your soul by recharging your batteries when spending your wellness time-out with us. We therefore offer a range of nourishing and strengthening applications which are refreshing, invigorating, and revitalising.



Cleansing & Vigour

Experience a feeling of lightness and mobility, feel cleansed and liberated both internally and externally.

Regular detoxification contributes to both internal and external cleansing. Get rid of old ballast, free yourself from constricting thought patterns and constraints, and be open to new ideas. Let us inspire you!


Peace & Centering

Calm down physically and mentally, feel in balance again, be centred and grounded.

A core aspect in today's digitalised world is so-called "deceleration". This is the conscious slowing down of life’s pace, which is all too often marked by stress and deadlines. In our spa hotel in Rheinhessen you will learn how to bring your body, mind, and soul back into balance. Get in touch with the harmony within and around you and rest completely within yourself.




Mindfulness & Care

Feel well cared for with all your senses, treat yourself and allow let yourself to fall, feel secure and cared for, and let us touch you in the truest sense of the word.

Wellness at Jordan's Untermühle in Rhineland-Palatinate also means sharpening the senses, finding deep concentration, and learning mindfulness. Let go of your thoughts and feel your inner roots again. Take this focus on the essentials back with you and remember it in your everyday life.


From "Harmonie & Hochgenuss" to "Samt & Seide". Discover our applications and treat both your body and soul.

Wellness for the body