At Jordan's Untermühle we dedicate ourselves to the beautiful aspects of life that captivate all our senses, always true to the motto of our epicurean region. In particular, this includes a focus on culinary excellence. Our creative team thus concentrates on delighting your palate in our a la carte restaurant.

Let yourself be seduced by the specialities of our traditional cuisine and surprised by unique interpretations. The focus always is on bringing out the exquisite flavours of our high-quality regional products.


Making something special from the simple

Putting the essence of products on a plate. Enjoying fine wines. Seduction and enthusiasm. This is the maxim of our culinary team, who strive to surprise you with simple and unique delicacies every day.

As befits a wine hotel in Rheinhessen, we want your overnight stay to leave lasting impressions of the many great and small moments of pleasure during your stay at Jordan's Untermühle.

On our seasonally changing recommendation menu, you will find typical products and dishes from the region – sometimes classic and simple, sometimes creative and opulent.