Cycling Rheinhessen

Hiwwel route (right in front of the hotel)

For advanced athletes

The Hiwwel route connects many cycle routes and themed trails with each other, across 164 km there are, of course, some hills (Rhine-Hessian "Hiwwel") to overcome, but you are rewarded with a varied route and by the beautiful natural scenery. In four daily stages you explore the region via two large arches.

The first stage consists of two different sections: To Ingelheim you can cycle comfortably without any incline. Then you start to break a sweat, pedalling up the northernmost hill in Rheinhessen. This ascent requires at least some athletic fitness.

The second part of the cycling trail runs from Mainz to Wörrstadt and first leads south and then west to the centre of Rheinhessen. It offers a spectacular panorama — but the magnificent views are not for free: two significant, long climbs make the trail a real challenge (140 metres of altitude across 7 km, 90 metres of altitude across 5 km). Hence they not only demand stamina and strength when riding your bike, but sometimes also when pushing it.

The third part of the route is the most challenging and should only be attempted by experienced cyclists: twice Wiesbachtal, once Appelbachtal and finally the watershed between Wiesbach and Selz towards Alzey.

On stage four to Worms some of the "Hiwwel" are still waiting on the first leg, which eventually takes you through the Zellertal Valley with a relax leg along the Pfrimm to Worms. Due to on-going construction work, a parallel trail can be used on the route of the vineyards above Flohheim. Only recommended to trained cyclists!

The whole tour takes about 11 hours (about 165 kilometres) of cycling.

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