Histroy & hosts

They do exist – lifelong dreams that are realised. Jordan’s Untermühle, the historic hotel in the Palatinate region, is one such dream that has come true – that of Martina and Gerhard Jordan, who, at the age of 18, fell in love with this, at one time small hotel complete with wine cellar.


Following the tracks of the old mill

Steady, reliable, strong yet fine – flour was milled in the old water mill in times past. This former skill has long disappeared, yet the inimitable spirit and attention to detail have remained until today, in the heart of Jordan’s Untermühle, the character-filled hotel in Rhineland-Palatinate, featuring wellness, wine and that special flair for pleasure.

Since 2005 the Jordan family, together with their 'Mühlengeister', have been inspiring guests at this power-filled place set in the middle of natural surroundings, in this inimitable hotel in Rheinhessen. Family-managed and full-bodied, rich in character, as you might recognise in good wines, exceptional pleasure-filled moments are provided for you in Jordan’s Untermühle.

Tastefully appointed rooms, exquisite rare wines and delicious regional treats impart consummate style to this charming hotel in Rheinhessen.



Jordan's Untermühle - Hotel außen - Nahaufnahme Baum

The old watermill was presumably already in operation.


Expansion of the mill property, with a restaurant/vinotheque and 11 guest rooms.


The mill comes into the ownership of the Jordan family.


Structural restoration of today's Traummühle and with that, the development of 11 hotel rooms.


Re-building and development of the current foyer, with breakfast buffet and bar area; structural restoration of the kitchen and upgrading of the hotel Reception.


Restructuring of the garden facilities and development of today's SPA garden.


Construction and completion of the current Herz&Rebe SPA.


Coming soon: new hotel lobby, with new hotel bar, lounge, large wine display and new reception

A family dream for eternity


The Jordan's, wine connoisseurs with a fine 'nose' and a feel for the sophisticated and who realise that the traditional is to be held in high regard, are proud of what they have achieved. Martina and Gerhard finally purchased the property in 2005, to bring the good spirits of the Untermühle back to life – and with that fulfilled a life-long dream. As a wellness hotel and holiday destination for real personalities who appreciate an individual style and feel the special spirit within this energy-filled space, Jordan’s Untermühle is a radiant place today.

Jordan's Untermühle - Gastgeberfamilie
Jordan's Untermühle - Gastgeberfamilie

And you can now follow in the footsteps of the Jordan's in Köngernheim. With a great deal of history, and revealing a new essence, the hosts have set about creating their life's work and have put their soul into it. A real gem, in part featuring a traditional timber construction from 1608 revealing the Jordan's current 'Zeitgeist'. A unique connection between wine, wellness and well-being in the best location, bears their very own signature. Deeply connected to this, and the destination of their journey together the host family along with all their industrious 'Mühlengeister' breathe a unique character into the hotel! This journey now continues with Niclas and Luisa, the next generation of Jordan's and they too have a great deal of plans.