Jordans Untermühle - Region - Felder
Jordans Untermühle - Region - Hiwwel Touren Nahaufnahme Blätter

A holiday in Rheinhessen

Jordan’s Untermühle is located in the middle of the biggest wine-growing area in Germany, a true gourmet region, that also has quite a lot to offer in terms of culture. During your holiday in the Palatinate region, head out in the history-charged tracks of the Nibelungenlied, of Hildegard von Bingen and Gutenberg's printing press, or visit the cathedrals in Mainz and Worms. The wine region of Rheinhessen and Jordan’s Untermühle have an unbelievable amount in store for you!

Activities in the wine region of Rheinhessen

Jordan's Untermühle is the ideal starting point for your active holiday in Rhineland-Palatinate. Numerous activities also invite you to explore the wine region of Rheinhessen off your own bat. Whether it is on the hiking trails or cycling routes that start right on Jordan’s Untermühle's doorstep – the undulating landscape makes your holiday in Rheinhessen an activity-oriented, very special experience at any time of the year.

Out and about in Rhineland-Palatine

Excursions in the wine region of Rheinhessen

The wine region of Rheinhessen, with its abundant selection of cultural activities and variety-packed excursion destinations, provides a really excellent range of day excursions in the Rhine-Main area. The many events in the course of the year also impart the feeling of joie de vivre in the region during your holiday in the Palatinate. The Rheinhessen wine region is vibrant, lively and full of laughter – and is looking forward to welcoming you!

Excursion destinations in Rheinhessen

Get to know the Rheinhessen wine region

Rheinhessen is located in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Its name alludes to a cultural landscape from the Roman era on the Rhine and to the historic affiliation with the Grand-Duchy of Hessen in the 19th century. The wine region of Rheinhessen is, with 26,578 hectares of vines, Germany's biggest wine-growing area. The countless contrasts in the landscape along with the culinary delights, are guaranteed to set your heart racing. Outstanding natural produce and the art of feasting, distinguish Rheinhessen as a true wine and pleasure region. Here – in Jordan’s Untermühle – a holiday filled with culture, nature and lovely moments awaits.

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