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Yoga & Wellness

Jordan's Untermühle stands for full-bodied wellness enjoyment in the middle of Rhineland-Palatinate. Our wellness hotel awaits you with an effective offer around the topic of wine, wellness and yoga.

Feel-good experiences for body & soul

Discover our exclusive Herz&Rebe SPA and a varied yoga offer in the new yoga panorama room. Rooted in Rheinhessen, in the biggest wine-growing area in Germany, in our wellness hotel in Rhineland-Palatinate, we emphasise the beneficial effect of regional wines, with the natural active ingredients from the grape and vines.

Your individual wine and wellness experience

Choose one of our four mottos for your wellness stay at Jordan's Untermühle:

Jordans Untermühle - Piktogramm Kraft - Energie

Spätburgunder (Pinot noir)

Strength & Energy

A bold wine with body characterises the wine and wellness experience, where the maxim is 'Strength & Energy'. This wine is brimming with colour and strength – helping you feel strong, getting you moving and helping you replenish your energy stores in our wellness hotel in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Jordans Untermühle - Piktogramm Reinigung - Frische


Cleansing & Refreshment

If it is cleansing & refreshment you yearn for during your wellness holiday then we can recommend our wine and wellness treatments based around Riesling. Treatments in this area create a feeling of ease and movement. Enjoy a sensation of liberation, along with internal and external cleansing. Feel refreshed and invigorated in our wellness hotel in Rhineland-Palatinate – much like the characteristic features in our regional Riesling.

Jordans Untermühle - Piktogramm Ruhe - Zentrierung


Relaxation & Centering

In our exclusive wellness and wine treatments using Grauburgunder, the focus is on the themes of relaxation & centering. Treatments here help you achieve physical and mental relaxation, so you can find your inner balance. Feel the down-to-earth quality and grounding, just like the Grauburgunder, emphasised by its aroma of green nuts and almonds.

Jordans Untermühle - Piktogramm Achtsamkeit - Pflege


Attentiveness & Care

With the Silvaner, the attention is on attentiveness & care in Jordan's’ Untermühle wellness. Treatments in this section help you feel cared for and secure. As in the development of this deeply rooted wine, the focus here is on sensibility, attention and fastidious nurturing in particular – for comprehensive well-being experience.

Concept & philosophy

Jordan's Untermühle is a wellness hotel for real personalities - because aren't we all a little like good wine? Sometimes tart, sometimes sweet; sometimes light, sometimes strong; individual, extraordinary and full of character. That's why you decide on your wellness experience yourself! Do you long for strength and energy or are you looking for peace and centring? Are you more the Riesling or Silvaner type? The choice is yours!

Yoga in Jordan's Untermühle

Do some good for body and mind. Find inner harmony within yourself and combine Yoga to create one soothing entity. In our panorama Yoga room, with its inspiring views to the lush surroundings, our experienced Yoga instructor awaits beginners and experts alike. Along with our free Yoga courses for hotel guests, we also offer invigorating Yoga retreats, Yoga equipment to use on loan and exclusive 'Aerial Yoga' sessions.

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Jordan Untermühle - Yoga _ Panorama Yogaraum

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