Jordans Untermühle - Wandern - Hiwwel Wandertouren Weinfelder

Hiking in Rheinhessen

Filthy German weather? Dream on! Here with us while out hiking in Rheinhessen you get to enjoy more sunshine than in practically any other region in the country.

Hiwwel tours in Rheinhessen are calling!

So lace up your shoes, sling on your rucksack and get out there to conquer the Hiwwel tours and hiking paths in Rheinhessen! While hiking in Rhineland-Palatinate you get to stroll through picturesque vineyards  – as far as your feet will carry you.

Vineyard hikes

In search of fine wines while hiking in Rheinhessen

Jordan’s Untermühle is probably the most idyllic starting point for a vineyard hike. The hiking paths in Rheinhessen proceed wonderfully through vineyards and step by step you discover where the grapes grow, mature and finally find their way into your glass. Sampling wine is one full-flavoured 'must-do' while hiking in Rhineland.

Our tip: A picnic in the vineyards. Ask at our reception for your personal picnic basket!

Jordans Untermühle - Region - Frau beim Entspannen und Wein trinken

Natur & activ in Rheinhessen

Time for Nature & Active

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