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Selztal Cycling Route

Right in front of the hotel - easy to navigate. For culture lovers who want to experience sights and culinary offerings.

Tour description

Almost ten kilometres past the mountain range between the Nordpfälzer Bergland and the Rheinhessische Switzerland, the Selz flows via Alzey, in north-easterly direction through the hilly vineyards from Gau-Odernheim to Selzen. It then bends to the northwest and makes its way through wide, fertile valley landscapes past Nieder-Olm and Ingelheim until it finally reaches the Rhine Valley.

Cyclists follow the river, which changes colour depending on weather. The Volker town of Alzey the former imperial palace, and now the red wine town of Ingelheim are worth a stopover. In between, gentle hills and wide valleys alternate, turning the trip into a one-day discovery voyage.

Those who forget about time in one of the numerous, comfortable wine stops, can also end the tour in Nieder-Olm or Alzey. Another highlight: Before reaching Ingelheim, the cycle path leads along a 1.5 km former railway line, before bypassing the centre of Ingelheim on the northern edge near the railway station.

The roads are easy to cycle in both directions, so you can take your time and enjoy the views, sights, and culinary delights along the way. Due to the density of localities, it is also possible to travel any length of road. An epicurean round for those interested in culture and people, who would like to cool off on the water!

Duration: approx. 5 hours 

Total length: approx. 70 km

Difficulty: for beginners & advanced

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