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Amiche cycling trail

Right on the doorstep - for those looking for variety as well as for occasional cyclists who also enjoy longer tours.

Tour description

Suitable for beginners

Named after the railway route that once connected Alzey and Bodenheim, the "Amiche", in German the "Valentinchen", today has been partly converted into a cycling route. From Bodenheim, you first take the Rheinstrasse and the old "Mommenheimer Weg". Across a hilltop to Harxham, before the first former railway section begins, there is no incline and can comfortably pass Mommenheim. Close to Selzen a slight incline makes the pulse beat a little higher.

The route then comfortably continues along cycle and farm trails, as the old tracks are not passable there. From Friesenheim to Nierstein, the historic former railway track can be used again. Back to the starting point, you ride 12 km back along the RheinTerrassen route. A total of 14 km run along the former route of the "Amiche", 25 km on forest and farm trails. In addition to that, eight kilometres of urban area can be mastered without cycle paths.

All in all it is an easy, but somewhat more extensive round trip, which allows you to relax and enjoy nature and the old centre of Nierstein. The "Amiche" is suitable for all cyclists who are used to the occasional longer distance tour. The traffic-free route allows for safe, enjoyable gliding. Attention must be paid at the six road crossings, though, and above all, when accessing the Rhine cycle trail in Nierstein.

Duration: approx. 2.5 hours 

Total length: approx. 33 km

Difficulty: for beginners