Jordans Untermühle - Wandern - Rheinhessenweg Wandertour bei Sonnenuntergang

Rhine Terrace Route

Perfect for road cyclists - also suitable for children and hand cyclists, but with some difficult sections to overcome.

Tour description

The Rhine Terraces, the oldest historical witnesses of the Rhine area, have formed over the unbelievable period of millions of years. The area has become a paradise for farmers and wine merchants as it provides ideal conditions for wine growing. On this route you cycle from vineyard to vineyard, from wine village to wine village.

An eye-catcher here is the Nibelung and cathedral city of Worms, which is the starting point. After briefly pushing your pedals a little harder, the wide Upper Rhine Rift Valley merges at its edges with steep slopes in the east and west into the hill lands of Rheinhessen. Due to the intense sunshine, this area is particularly suitable for wine growing. It is almost impossible to avoid taking a short walk down here and enjoying the warmth with a cool glass of wine.

Soon after, you will reach Herrnsheim with its magnificent castle and castle gardens. From Osthofen onwards, all the villages have devoted themselves entirely to wine, and the winegrowing estates are once again tempting places to stop and get a taste of the local gems. From the centre of Laubenheim, you can then fully concentrate on the Rhine route again. Small hills between 10 and 50 m in altitude make the ride varied, but there are no long climbs.

There are some difficult spots for children, bicycles with trailers, and hand bikers (cross-towns with lots of traffic, often narrow bends, posts, locking bars or crossings), but racing cyclists should have no problems.

Duration: approx. 3.5 hours 

Total length: approx. 50 km

Difficulty: for beginners & advanced

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